Teusner Riebke Grenache 750mL Cellar Press Special


Riebke Grenache 750mL

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The Riebkes planted Grenache vines two centuries back… sometime in the 1880’s. Over six generations of their family have grown the stuff…it’s part of their DNA…and they know as well as pretty much anyone that Grenache goes extremely well in the Barossa Valley.

Light and dark fresh ripe red berried fruits, packed with spices of black pepper, cinammon, nutmeg…reminiscent of Christmas cake…with savoury earthy notes. Light to medium bodied wine, generous frontal explosion of ripe light berried fruits carried by soft subtle tannins across the palate.

  • Alcohol Content
  • Cellaring
    Medium term cellaring (up to 7 years)
  • Closure
    Screw cap
  • Packaging
  • Standard Drinks
  • Origin
    Australia, Barossa
  • Style
    Spicy & Flavoursome Reds
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  • by Bob Paulinski - Master of Wine, on August 09, 2018

    Grenache is one of the most interesting grape varieties that I've ever experienced. It's grown in much of the wine world, with classic origins that tie back to the wine regions along the Mediterranean. In many cases, it plays a supporting role to other grape varieties. Finding it solo is not as common, but when it's done right, the end results can be sensational. Low yields and attentive work in the vineyard are critical. This example ties back to a producer that is doing amazing things with Grenache. It's a relatively thinned-skinned grape variety, so the colour is very deep. But whatever it lacks in colour is made more than made up for in the aroma and taste profile. You'll find a wine that is bursting with a roasted spices, it's savoury and nuanced with a smooth finish.

  • by Ryan, on August 05, 2018

    This Grenache is great fun. Notes of milk chocolate, warm spice and plenty of tannin to boot makes this wine extremely quaffable.