Belvedere Bloody Mary Vodka 700mL


Bloody Mary Vodka 700mL

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Polish ingenuity has concentrated the most underrated of cocktails into a single drink stunner. It's true; a clear drink that jumps your bones with tomato, pepper sauce, lemon, black pepper and capsicum flavours which took London-born New York-based Belvedere mixologist Claire Smith 18 months to design.

"We worked backwards from an iconic drink," she says. Distilled tomato and vodka is blended with capsicums from Spain and equal parts black pepper from China and horseradish from Poland. A vinegar distillate delivers acidity and dryness. It is the highest concentrate ingredient mix of any Belvedere predecessor; being 50 per cent vodka.
Tomato juice can be added but a chilled single shot is a surprise packet which ignites the tongue and olfactories with Tabasco, lemon, pepper and high-end vodka smoothness.
An eccentric must-have which screams for a fresh oyster.
Mike Gribble, Daily Telegraph 3 April 2012

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